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Candidate for the Douglas Shire Council
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  Richard Lavender Candidate for Douglas Shire Council  
In 1998 I paid for, installed and still maintain a web camera overlooking Four Mile Beach. Many, including the tourism association board, felt that the installation ‘would not benefit tourism’.  Today, web cameras have become a standard to promote tourism throughout Australia and the world.  CCTV footage while not promoting the region can be very useful to solve misdemeanours to violent attacks. The local police would be appreciative if CCTV cameras were installed.  Early morning hours when the pubs close can become the ‘wild wild East’ on our streets. Surveillance of the streets in Mossman can also be beneficial.
CCTV and other important investments comes down to available dollars and community support.  This debate has two sides of consideration: sending a signal that our streets are not safe or, our streets are safe due to surveillance. I’m certain that one day the CCTV cameras will be installed but for the present we need to focus on gaining strong financial footing for the shire. If installation occurs I would encourage that one or more cameras be dedicated to displaying downtown Port Douglas on web sites promoting the region.


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Mobile Phone #: 0487 423 235

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