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Electorate Comments - Richard Lavender Candidate for Douglas Shire Council

Prior to announcing his candidacy for Council Representative Richard sought the opinion of friends and acquaintances.

Richard, firmly believing that the community voice is the most important, he asked them for their honest, open opinions of should he run. Below are a few of the responses. If you have an opinion you’d like to offer please feel free to send it to

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Jackie Robertson - Melbourne
You would be very good in that type of role, & you are also someone with a strong understanding of the issues facing PD and the greater area.

Louise Davies - Oak Beach
i think u would be fab 

Christina Schimming - Port Douglas
Run for council... Need someone who cares for the area n people in it... Not the mindless people there now!! This community needs someone who will stand up whole heartedly for what the community needs. I know u can and will be the voice of this region!! I'd wish u all the best but I know u will kick ass and U have my vote!!

Arne, Oak Beach
To us, Richard has been a very good and reliable next-door neighbour for over 14 years. I will vote for him because we need intelligent and innovative people like him on our new council. He's an accomplished internet pioneer who's run his own companies successfully for decades, through thick and thin, so he knows how to get things done in a smart and cost-efficient way. Besides liking what he stands for, I also know that Richard is not in any way connected to the old power structures that have given us so much grief in the past, and that is equally important to me. We really need all new people with fresh ideas and perspectives -- councillors of Richard's calibre -- to finally be able to move forward and become the successful Shire we want and deserve to be. Go for it, Richard, and good luck!

Guy Besley - Melbourne

Do it! Whats to lose, you love being an opinionated prick like me. And that's what's needed. People with Balls! And you got a lot more than the rest!

Joanne Male - Cairns

Yeeee Haaaaa shake ‘em up! Very impressive resume I read Mate. WINNER!

Julie O'Gorman - Port Douglas
Wow! Good for you! You have balls ( not because you are a man!! Lol!), passion, drive and you probably understand the legals better than most!! I would be honoured to vote for you! You have shown these qualities in the Halloween project alone! Maybe this was yr destiny and yr Oak Beach Halloween was a testing ground!! You now know so many more people because of it and you have proven to the public how when you believe in something that the majority want you will fight tooth and nail!! Good for you!!

Pete Baxendell - Wonga
A path worth taking Richard -- enjoy the journey! A man of imagination and business acumen -- go for it.

Julia Watters - Smithfield
I think you would be fantastic. Hope you get in!

Prue Borzi - Mossman
You'll have your work cut out for you, that's for sure!!

Helena McInnis - Port Douglas/Cairns
Good luck with your new exciting direction in life – what a challenge. I am 100% sure you are up to it!

Sheryl Clarke - Port Douglas
I think you should give it a go if it's what you would like to do. I reckon you would be awesome for council.

Jenny Farnham - Port Douglas
I'm not talking you out of it Richard, you seriously should do it, council need passionate people like you

Carol Fleming - Wonga
“You will never, never know until you give it a go”
I have been places, done things & achieved life changing dreams by following this mantra
If you don’t follow your dreams – you will always be left wondering. I say Yes, yes give it a go

I will be voting for a Candidate that will be looking at the big picture, the future, that will nurture the creation of business enterprise into this region. Who will be active in attracting investment. The Douglas Shire must be run just like a business, not like a community organisation. The people running the Council must be business savvy with experience of actually running a business. Of course the Council day to day must be achieved within budgets.

Your journey begins with one small step, I can see you striding past the winning post

Anne Moore – Port Douglas
Sounds like you have a plan and a reason for standing, so go for it if you are willing to become public property.

Gabby Hudson - Port Douglas
Not mad, just someone who wants to make a difference in our fabulous shire. If you can handle the pressure and the sledging go for it.

John & Carolyne - Saltwater Luxury Apartments
Go for it! We could do with some logical people on the council

Erin Louise – Wonga
Out with the old and in with the new I say.... Change is your friend...  You must believe you can make a positive difference! So go for it !! I think its great

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